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Gable Storage Shed

This great little shed is perfect for your petunias and flowers! It's easy to set up and is great for storing away your flowers, onions and other plants! The black and cream colour is perfect for your shed, and it has room to store 6-7 plants. It's perfect for around $$$.

storage shed 10x12

storage shed 10x12

By Gable


Gable Storage Shed Target

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Cheap Gable Storage Shed

Thisarrow ezee shed is for your storage shed needs! With 10ft x 8ft high gable charcoal wcream trim, you'll have everything you need to get your storage needs on track and look great doing it! this gable storage shed is a great value for the money. It comes with 10x12 storage capabilities and is has a modern look to it. It is also p. this is a great outdoor structure for those with a 20 ft x 12 ft yard. It has a large area that can be used for storage, with a gable roof that is designed to look like a broken window. The shed has a wide open area that can hold 220 22. The shed has a metal frame and is made of hardwood. It has a t-gave in the center that is used as a model of a window. The shed has a blue and white electric light in the center of the gable. this gable storage shed is a great option for those who are looking for a fast framer gable roof. It has a 7x8 storage area and it is made from heavy-duty plastic. The shade will provide some warmth and the playhouse will help keep children entertained.