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Garage Storage Shed

Our Garage storage shed is sensational for holding a vehicle's buttons andsf's, with an astro storage capacity of 10 x15 x8, it's terrific for holding a large car. The canopied shelter can hold a variety of items, to canopies for a sunbathing or fishing activity, the green color of our storage shed tent is fantastic for either carports, both public and private, and as well a sterling addition to evey environmental friendly home.

Tent Shelter Canopy Green
Adjustable 10X20 Heavy Duty Carport Car Canopy Garage Boat Shelter Storage Shed

Adjustable 10X20 Heavy Duty Carport



+ Uv Proof Tarp Garage Yard
Structure / Car Garage Plans, Design #51624

16 ft x 24 ft

By Plans Design


Barn Plans, Material List Included #31216

12' x 16' Garage /

By Plans Design


Shelter Logic Outdoor Storage Sun Proof Water Uv

Canopy Carport Tent Car Shed

By Walsport


Peaktop Outdoor 10X20FT Adjustable Carport Canopy Heavy Duty Garage Storage Shed

Harbor Freight Storage Shed

The harbor freight storage shed is a peerless way for lovers who are wanting for a reliable and sturdy storage shed, it is manufactured of steel frame and extends an 10 x10 x15 x8 inch capacity. It is in like manner uncomplicated to maintain since it is equipped with an 10 x10 x15 x8 inch sandbox, and an 10 x10 x15 x8 inch carport, this shed is outstanding for holding storage, carports, and more. This new and unique temporary outdoor storage shed is top-of-the-line for folks needs! It is 614 width and can store 6 barns or 2 ends of w gallery trucks, the 2 x4 framing kit is terrific for an admirer who imparts an 2 x4 barn or garage. Just 3 c facile to use, clear coat and 1 year warranty, this collapsible storage shed is an exceptional choice to organize and store your plastic materials. It can be used for a garage, Garage sale, or outdoor garden setting, the shed is additionally lightweight and basic to move around, making it practical for new locations. Our outdoor canopy carport tent canopy shelter is valuable for admirers who adore to leave the sun at the side of the road, made from uv proof material, this tent can act as a carport's temporary shelter during the summer days. Our Garage storage shed also comes with a built-in carport shelter, making it a top-of-the-heap spot to keep your car while you're away on vacation.