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Keter Factor 6x3 Garden Storage Shed

This new Keter Factor storage shed is a top-grade size for your outdoor Garden or backyard, 6 x3 feet of resin steel make it strong and sturdy, first-class for holding all your gardening supplies. The large storage shed can easily be tailored to your needs, making it an exceptional solution for a larger backyard or outdoor garden.

Storage Shed 6x3

This new Keter Factor storage shed is an outstanding answer to your needs! It is 6 x3 feet in size and made of physical plastic, making it effortless to clean, with its 3 x3 foot width, it would fit all of your storage needs for a good amount of space. The red and green color scheme is going to look top-of-the-line in your backyard, and the Keter Factor logo on the side gives it a final touch, this large 6 x3 feet Keter Factor storage shed is dandy for your outdoor backyard garden. It is produced from resin steel and is approximately 1-1/2 feet in length, making it top for an area of up to $10, you can use it to store items such as tools, centerpiece plants, and more, the shed will add an extra spot of space to your backyard and would make an outstanding addition to all garden. This Keter Factor storage shed is dandy for someone who wants to organize and store goods in their outdoor backyard or outdoor garden, the 6 x3 feet of resin steel is high quality and durable, making it great for an outdoor storage shed or Garden shed. It can be used for an outdoor Garden up to 6 metres wide, or an outdoor storage shed up to 3 metres wide, this amazing Keter Factor storage shed presents an 6 x3 feet size. It is fabricated of high quality resin steel, and it is available in a variety of colors, this shed provides a modern look to it, and it is enticing for any outdoor activity or storage needs.